Drena Plus



• extract of the pericarp of white bean supports the elimination of excess water from the body and the proper functioning of the urinary tract

birch leaf extract helps to cleanse the body of waste products of metabolism

horsetail herb extract regulates and supports the body’s water management

orthosiphon leaf is one of the most popular herbs in folk medicine, regulates the elimination of excess water from the body

dandelion root extract greatly supports the liver and gall bladder, it has a positive effect on digestive processes and the removal of unnecessary waste products of metabolism

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Directions of use: Add 15ml to approximately 1.5 – 2 litres of water & mix. Sip throughout the day after preparation from morning to late afternoon.

Content per daily dose (15ml): White bean pericarp 500mg Orthosiphon aristatus leaf 400mg Dandelion root 250mg Field Horsetail herb 220mg Silver birch leaf 130 mg

Ingredients: water, concentrated fruit juices: black chokeberry, blackcurrant, lemon; aqueous extracts of: white bean pericarp, Orthosiphon aristatus leaf, dandelion root, field horsetail herb, silver birch leaf, preservative –potassium sorbate, acidity regulator – citric acid, sweetening agent – stevia