Immune-Up Elixir 480ml


A comprehensive response to the body’s needs during a period of increased infections.

THYME and ECHINACEA PURPUREA support proper functioning of the immune system

GINGER, valued for its beneficial effect on the improvement of vitality, supports the respiratory tract functions

VITAMIN C and ZINC help to strengthen your immunity

ONESEED HAWTHORN supports your circulatory system functions

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DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Pour 15 ml into the measuring cup and consume before meals. Shake well before use. Stratification and sediment are natural features of the product and they do not affect its quality.

Content per daily dose (15ml): Oneseed hawthorn fruit extract 900mg Purple coneflower herb extract 400mg Moringa leaf extract 40mg Thyme herb extract 150mg Ginger rhizome extract 150mg Vitamin C 80mg (100%)* Zinc 10mg (100%)*

→ Ingredients: apple juice from juice concentrate, blackcurrant juice from juice concentrate, chokeberry juice from juice concentrate, water extract from oneseed hawthorn fruit, water, cranberry juice from juice concentrate, water extracts from: purple coneflower herb, moringa leaves, thyme herb and ginger rhizome, L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C), zinc gluconate (zinc), preservative – potassium sorbate

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