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Dior Inspired Pure For Her


These fragrances are of a high quality and concentration of perfume sourced directly from DROM fragrances (Germany) where leading high street brands source theirs.  These are 100% original sharing the identical fragrance notes as their branded counterparts. In actual fact they are less diluted with water and alcohol giving you a more concentrated and longer lasting fragrance with a fraction of the price tag.

PLEASE NOTE: The perfumes can take up to 7 days before they are dispatched. Please email or DM on IG for further details.

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Pure 10 (J'Adore), Pure 80 (Dior Cheri), Pure 173 (Hypnotic Poison), Pure 427 (Absolutely Blooming), Pure 432 (Miss Dior), Pure 434 (Poison Girl), Pure 445 (Joy)